Peiling 5 – Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Maddy arkesteyn stedelijk museum

Collection Stedelijk Museum  Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Same work at other exhibition

Hooghuis (Arnhem)

Collection Stedelijk Museum    Amsterdam

Transparent corridor behind two closed doors, with a new entrance cut out in the middle

Studio view

Maddy Arkesteyn Stedelijk Museum

maddy arkesteyn sketches stedelijk museum

Corridor ignoring the exhibition space

Studio piece showed at Peiling 5 in The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. 

For the exhibition in the Stedelijk, two exhibition spaces were allocated to me. In the first I showed my latest sculptures. In the second , I stretched plastic foil from entrance to exit. I wanted to show a corridor. A corridor that skips the exhibition space. I thought that was a nice inner contradiction. Being asked for an exhibition at the Stedelijk, which is an honor of course and than skip the space. The plastic also refers to the plastic that I always used on the floor and with which I spanned objects. Now, as a visitor, you walk underneath it and your body itself becomes an ‘object’ and thus part of the work and the exhibition. The car tire and the stone visually connect the plastic with the floor and in this way also make the tangible connection with my other floor sculptures.”

Studio view